Overview of Our Program

Industry Training

Get a completely customized 1 to 5-day in-person training from Jeff D. Johnson, CLF®. He has a very focused goal setting methodology and is very big on gratitude. Count on him to make you realize the blessings you have and how you can make them work to your advantage.


The Defender Training and Mentoring System offers a detailed platform designed to mentor managers and agents in various industries.

Study Group Platform

This is a 90-minute study group call once a month for approximately 3-5 people.  Through our study group platform, everyone will learn how to use the “Circle of Safety” and hold one another accountable.  You will also learn different brainstorming techniques as well as partake in a detailed book club that correlates with each monthly topic.

Training and Mentoring Program


Vision/Mission Statement Creation

How to Master Fear

Be Trained and Mentored

Are you an agent or manager who wants to excel in your field? Take advantage of the training and other helpful programs of The Defender Training and Mentoring System in Englewood, CO. We offer a unique training, mentoring, and study group program to those who wish to leave a mark in a wide variety of industries.

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