The Defender Training and Mentoring System

We are here to guide you through your journey to excellence by providing you with a unique training system that is designed to develop your strengths and overcome your fears as a sales practitioner.

“I’ve been working with Jeff for almost 20 years and he has helped me grow my agency and my skillsets for that same amount of time. He brings a tremendous amount of value to my practice, both in the form of training and ideas, as well as assistance in working through tough cases. Jeff provides ongoing support and looks for ways to make my business better and more successful.”

Robert Edgin
ChFC®, Insurance and Financial Advisor

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff on several occasions. His massive heart for others and passion for his work made him a highly successful General Agent, then General Manager, and then Regional Director within his organization. The success at three completely different levels organizationally is proof that not only does he understand mindset and methodologies that are required, but he is highly capable of helping others achieve it, too. I cannot recommend highly enough partnering with him and the use of his Defender Training and Mentoring System. Only then can you truly see what is possible together.”

John O Leary
#1 National Best Selling Author of “On Fire” and host of the Live inspired podcast

Jeff in the four and a half years I’ve known him, has not only never slowed down, but he continues to ascend to higher levels of effectiveness for the greater good.

Please don’t miss the opportunity to reach out and learn from, be supported by and mentored by this amazing servant leader.

Jeff is one of only two servant leaders I would follow to hell and back. The other was Captain Steven K. Chorak when I was a U S Marine back in 1983. Jeff is a rare breed of man, it’ll be to your benefit to get to meet him, know him and grow from his wisdom.

Chuck Bader
CRPC, Insurance Advisor

“Jeff mentors those who work with him to achieve a level of success they had never imagined possible by serving others. His approach is to assist in developing the mindset and the tools needed to succeed. Jeff has also mentored my daughter. I have watched her grow, take what Jeff has taught her and apply it to her work. Her confidence and motivation have grown exponentially. Jeff’s wisdom and experience, coupled with the energy and ambition of someone who is motived to succeed, makes a highly successful and winning combination.

Stephen L. Huff

“Jeff recently introduced me to his warm introductions business calling script. We trained our advisers on the script and started getting lists of businesses to contact. We (the new agents and I) scheduled a 2 hour block to stop by the businesses. I have only done this two times but definitely plan to do more. In the first session we were able to schedule five appointments including one business owner that has a net worth of over 60 million. In the other session, we scheduled two appointments with very good business prospects. One of the advisors concluded that he will commit to doing this business prospecting activity now once per week!”

Ryan Beck
CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® President/CEO Mountain West Advisors



Goals and Time Management

Protecting Business Owners

Mastering Fear

Shifting Mindsets


For Advisors, Leaders, and Sales People

We believe that advisors should take responsibility for their performance. At The Defender Training and Mentoring System, we introduce insurance industry advisors and leaders to a fountain of knowledge that is essential to their growth and development. We do this through our innovative system of sustainability, mentoring, and training systems.
Englewood, Colorado’s The Defender Training and Mentoring System aims to help insurance advisors, leaders, and sales people become better at what they do by significantly increasing their sales activity. We are here to guide you through your journey to excellence by providing you with the skills you need to develop your strengths and overcome your fears.

I have taken this class twice now. The first time I went into it as a cocky “Salesperson” That did not need to learn anything. After the first session I realized how idiotic that statement was. I was in the presence of some of the greatest minds in the industry. Learning from someone that makes what I have done look like an ant in NYC streets. At the time in my life, I was so distracted by other things that I did not give it 100%. So, I took the class again. OMG I AM SO GRATEFUL I DID! I have now done more Life Insurance sales in first 2 months than I did all of last year. I am going to be forever grateful to Bo for allowing me to meet Jeff Johnson. Thankful to Jeff for holding me accountable to greatness. I recommend the class to any and every agent in America. No matter how big or small. For example, one of the People in the Class was the one of the largest Farmers Insurance agent in the US….. Holy crap ya’ll If he had something to learn… So did I!

Steven W.

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