Our System of Sustainability is a 90-minute call once a month for approximately 3-5 people for 10-months. Through our System of Sustainability, everyone will learn how to use the “Circle of Safety,” hold one another accountable, as well as different brainstorming techniques. We have found that many of our advisors and leaders do not actively read a vast amount of professional growth books and we have come up with a solution that will solve that issue. We have a monthly book club that is associated with our System of Sustainability. Each month has a professional growth book that correlates with the monthly topic. Our System of Sustainability also cuts out the expense associated with monthly travel to usually attend these types of meetings.


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Are you an advisor or leader who wants to excel in your field? Take advantage of the training and other helpful systems of The Defender Training and Mentoring System in Englewood, CO. We offer an innovative system of sustainability, mentoring, and training systems to those who wish to leave a mark in a wide variety of industries.