“Here is the bottom line on fear:  If you don’t know what matters, fear will take over, pin you and hold you down.  If you’re crystal clear on what matters, fear will propel you forward.  It’s really that simple.”

Mastering Fear by Brandon Webb and John David Mann

 After several decades of field research, we have uncovered the root cause of advisor failure…fear. The Defender Mentoring and Training System focuses on hard and soft skill-building, so advisors are prepared to overcome their fear and achieve success


Hi Jeff-

I enjoyed sharing our big finds with you this morning. I can honestly say for the first time in my life, I look forward to coming to the office, enjoy the work I do, and want to be here more! I can’t believe the difference one book can make in a person’s life. Mastering Fear has been an absolute game changer in my life. After reading it, it got me out of my comfort box enough to sit down with you and come up with a game plan. Since October 2018 we have gone from having no direction, to having huge goals, and seeing results thanks to your guidance! I was skeptical about the book club and Circles training, but look forward to it every month now, as well as I have learned so much from sharing and learning strategies from other peers in the same boat as myself.

Learning scripts, going out on Main Street with you, and even being videoed have taught me to embrace fear and use it as fuel to accomplish great things. We had our first joint appointment I scheduled this past week, and I loved every minute of it! I was able to take the tools we’ve been learning, and be bold enough to ask the questions needed to open a huge opportunity to work with a business for life insurance, pensions, executive planning etc. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

What used to be tasks I dreaded doing, I now see as opportunities to have conversations, look for needs, and grow our “Acres of Diamonds.” The mentality of the office has completely changed. We are building synergy working together, setting goals as an agency, and truly working as a team.

Thank you for everything as always! I couldn’t ask for a better mentor!

Amanda Reynolds

Insurance Agent at Huff & Associates, Inc.

Jeff teaching his advisor, Amanda, on how to master fear by skill building to help educate small businesses on their need for business succession planning.